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PowerSafe OP 146 bis 536 Ah

hohe Energiedichte und geringer Wartungsaufwand, hervorragende Leistung bei hohen Entladungen.

The PowerSafe® OP and OPC ranges of flooded cells have been designed for use in standby power applications where high performance and long life are requirements of paramount importance. The special flat plate design offers various key benefits such as high energy density and low maintenance to provide cost effective and reliable battery solutions. In addition, the PowerSafe OP/OPC cells offer excellent performance at high rate discharges.

This comprehensive range of cells, designed for operation in parallel or in series, ensures that your system requirements are perfectly matched. The choice of alloys (low antimony lead for OP types, lead-calcium for OPC types) provides further options.

The specification of the PowerSafe OP and OPC cells make it ideal for a broad spectrum of applications including telecommunications, Uninterruptible Power Supply, power generation, transmission and distribution, emergency lighting and security systems.

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